Books I’ve Read

These are the various books I’ve read whilst on my travels during 2004 and 2005. I’ve listed them in the order I read them or at least the order I think I read them in and also where I got them and my thoughts about them, as best my memory can recall.

Considering I got most of them second hand, they were surprisingly good.

If you are somewhat puzzled by my selection it may help to know that as a kid I never read any fiction books(it was a hard life), in fact I was told off at school because I hadn’t read anything in an entire term once! This meant I missed just about all the classics. So a few years ago I decided I really should start reading some of them and hence some of the choices below.

Gallery Page


These are my gallery pages.

Becky's Party Dec 2008

Becky's 50th Birthday Party at Wilton, December 2008

My Birthday 2008

My birthday night out with tennis club friends at the Bayee Village Chinese restaurant in Wimbledon Village.

Egypt 2008

My tour of Egypt 2008 - Cairo, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Aswan, Nile Cruise, Luxor, Karnak, Port Said, Suez Canal and Mount Sinai.

Tennis Gallery

The Tennis Gallery

Pics Of Me In Various Places & How I Used To Look

Pics Of Me Around The World from 2003 - present day.

Oz Phone Photos

Pics taken in Oz 2004 with my beloved Nokia 3650 - one of the first camera phones.

Tasmania Pics

Tasmania Pics - Feb 2004 - Taken with my Nokia 3650, some during my infamous 10 day Overland hike - probably my favourite thing I did travelling, despite that woman falling off a cliff and me losing my digicam into the waterfall there!

New Zealand 2004

Taken with my Nokia 3650 during my trip to Kiwiland April 2004 - including shots from the fabulous and spectacular 17km Tongariro hike.

My Friends

Armed only with my 3650 camera phone, I was taking dodgy photos of my friends and just about anybody I met WAY before facebook!

Melbourne 2004

Pics of Melbourne and the various people from Flinders Station, during my various visits and stays there during 2004.

Funny Photos

Stupid or Funny Photos