Oasis @ Wembley – Flippin’ Amazing MATE!

Was lucky enough to see Oasis @ Wembley, July 9th 2009

IMPORTANT NOTE: No Adjectives Can Describe Just How Good These Guys Are Live. You have to be there really.

Oasis At Wembley 9th July 2009Just when I was thinking legendary Britney’s’s O2 show was well up there, untoppable perhaps, these guys turn up at Wembley and knock everything into perspective. Now I wasn’t near the front, but was on level 1 and this meant I got an amazing perspective of the stadium and whole event, especially the throngs of people in the standing area flowing like waves in a stormy sea. The venue was incredible and the diversity of fans remarkable. The Liam lookalikes wandering around drunk add to the iconic atmosphere. The sound system was staggeringly clear and loud, until it cut out for a minute during Wonderwall and all you could hear was everyone singing the chorus. I was meant to be seated, but stood up for 100% of the concert, mostly singing and rockin with the group of fellow Oasis nuts I’d met around me, including some dude who’d seen them in 1994 – in other words akin to the girl I’d met in Bulgaria who’d seen Nirvana live!

Also made me realise too just how many  hits they’ve had. Well glad I went with Andy, a true fellow Oasis fan, somebody who deserved seeing something like this. Still the best band in the world, but then I would say that cos they’ve been my fave band for a decade and I was MAD FOR IT. Next day I played a tennis match against a guy in West Byfleet, turned out he too was at the gig, only he’d had a standing ticket, got there really early and was in the front enclosed section, feet away from Liam & Noel! Lucky Lucky Lucky man! But I don’t look back in anger, you gotta roll with it and I won’t go crying my heart out neither 🙂

Playlist that night: Rock n’Roll Star, Lyla, The Shock Of The Lightning, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Roll With It, To Be Where There’s Life, Waiting for the Rapture, Masterplan, Songbird, Slide Away, (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory, My Big Mouth, Importance Of Being Idle, Half The World Away, I’m Outta Time, Wonderwall, Supersonic, Live Forever, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Falling Down, Champagne Supernova, I Am The Walrus

Absoultely Brilliant Britney!

Britney CircusMy review on ticketmaster, fans:

What a performance and what a show. Second time I’d seen her live and this time was just as good as the first! What a stage set, the amazing light/multimedia show, the great dance routines, the whole thing exuded such energy. Also contrary to popular belief in the media, Britney only mimed about 3 songs during the whole show, not only could you tell this by the sound of her voice, but we had binoculars to check double sure. Throw in the New York Circus and Ciara as support plus the hand-clapping sing-a-long ovation brought about by  her classics Toxic, Hit Me Baby One More Time & Womaniser, the whole night was Britney Brilliant!