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The “different place for lunch every day, when working in London” Challenge 2017

Monday, July 10th, 2017

January 2017 – a new year and a new job, working in central London for the next month or two. On my first lunch break (I get a whole 40mins), sitting in Pret a Manger on Carnaby St, found myself struck by the number of places to eat in the area. Thus began my “Eat at a Different Lunch Place every day when working in London Challenge 2017“. There were/are no rules really, except no take-aways, you must sit in the place to eat! Also, I do try to keep the cost as cheap as possible, which has become to mean, less than £10 – blame the location. Originally I aimed at 30 places, as that would be a month’s worth, but then I (surprisingly) got re-hired and decided to keep it going. Despite the walking distances and difficultly of find places increasing and a desperately strong desire to go back to previous establishments, I have persisted and been rewarded with a surprisingly good and varied cuisine for lunch. So, here is my 2017 lunch-challenge diary so far…

Notes: Yes, I’m still updating this list – as it comes from my phone and I’m still trying to workout/remember some of the places.
Also Yes, I will add quite a lot of these to Trip Advisor at some point – already a Level 4 contributor 🙂

When: Where / What / Any Good? : Notes:
Wed 4.1.17 Pret a Manger, Carnaby St Where it all begins…
Thu 5.1 Asian cafe round corner pork noodles  
Fri 6.1 Hipster sandwich bar  
Mon 9.1 Cafe Pomodoro chips?  
Tue 10.1 Leon, Carnaby St – green curry  
Wed 11.1 Itsu on , chicken & rice –   
Thu 12.1 Work from home day  
Fri 13.1 Wasabi on Wardour St. – Katsu curry – good as always from Wasabi   
Mo 16.1 Work from home day  
Tu 17.1 Italian cafe on Wardour St – had v good lasagne  
We 18.1 Italian cafe chicken panini  
Th 19.1 Vital Ingredient on Golden Square – pork rice – nice tasty healthy food  
Fr 20.1 Hawaii Poke bowl, Kingly St – an unusual lunch of fish and rice in a bowl. Surprisingly tasty and good.  
Mo 23.1 Carbon – rice & lamb – not many seats in the place(maybe 3 or 4) but the food was fresh and good.  
Tu 24.1 Flatplanet pizza flatbread – pretty good, but a bit expensive for a flat piece of pizza, still the service was very good.  
We 25.1 Mother Mash (pie shop), Ganton St – sausages and mash – excellent fayre  
Th 26.1 Burgeri, Great Marlborough St – burger and chips – good place, they give you a machine that buzzes to let you know when your order is ready, think this place is Qatar version of McDonalds.   
Fr 27.1 Cafe by salt beef and cheese panini  
Mo 30.1 Crush – beans wrap  
Tu 31.1 Hummus Wardour St – bowl chicken  
We 1.2 Bao – 1 X chicken Bao 1 X xaio Thai chicken – good food, but expensive and I don’t quite get what’s so great about it, but it’s very popular.  
Th 2.2 Urban Tea Rooms – chorizo panini  
Fr 3.2 Vietnam noodles soup  
Mo 6.2 Work from home day  
Tu 7.2 Toi & Moi Cafe place – bacon guacamole panini  
We 8.2 Koti Roll, Poland St – very good value and a tasty eat.  
Th 9.2 The Diner, Ganton St – pork burger & fries – wasn’t bad, but expensive for what it was, also the service was awful, the waitress did’t return with my change, which was quite annoying.  
Fr 10.2 Joe and the Juice, Carnaby St – a sandwich -a loud trendy place, the loud trendy version of Costa really, would’ve preferred not to be quite so loud, even the serving guy shouted at me when my order was ready.  
Mo 13.2 – Th 16.2 Worked from home and went on trip to Scafell Pike.  
Fr 17.2 Eat  

Contract ends: 28 places eaten at in total

Get re-hired – Work and lunch-challenge starts again…

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Scafell Pike Round 2 – Lake District Trip Blog

Friday, July 7th, 2017

This is a long blog write up of my trip to the Lake District in Feb 2017, it’s purely for amusement and to (erm) write something. Back in 2007 I attempted to climb Scafell Pike and got lost on the mountains(another long story), so I decided to re-visit the place this year with my friend Paul. He’s lived in the USA the past 17 years, so was well up for this trip to arguably the finest of English countryside.

Tues 14th Feb 2017

The plan for the morning: up at 8am, breakfast, pack car, 9am head to Wimbledon, go for 10km run, back by 10:30am, pick up Paul and head to Lancaster! I was signed up for the Hampton Court half-marathon on Sunday, hence the need for a run. Unsurprisingly, getting ready took longer than hoped and I got to Wimbledon around 10:30am! Picked up Paul at 11am and drove 5 hours to Lancaster University, stopping off at a service station for a spot of Costa and a Greggs baguette. A very helpful and informative bear of a man checked us into the uni and we headed to our room, which was most clean and pleasant. I then worked out this was probably the only day I could do a much-needed run, so that was the next priority. The booking.com reviews said there was a gym and sauna in this place, so we headed for the sports centre. Being gymophobic, Paul did not want to go to the gym and after being informed it would actually cost £12 + VAT + council tax, neither did I. Paul was kind enough to go back to the room and wait, so I went for an exploratory 7 mile jog instead – headed towards Lancaster Town Centre, then back and around the University grounds. Other than finally making it to Lancaster city limits(a goal of mine for many years), the definite highlight was the curious mirage towards the end, of hundreds of athletic young student women yelling and jumping around for netball practice, which you don’t often see round where I live…


Our next plan to walk the 3 miles into Lancaster, was altered, thank goodness, to getting the bus instead. On the bus Paul noticed our tickets said “Return to Bowerman hotel” and despite Paul being quite keen to get off, we passed/ignored that place and stayed sat until the town centre.
We walked up to the castle, which had some nice night views and an interesting plaque about how it used to be a prison. Paul also got to see the railway station! After a bit of wandering, we ended up at the Brown Cow pub – which was a great place, with fine Guinness, except this was Valentine’s night – so there was Paul, myself and about 2 other people. Still, we saw the Champions League shock defeat of Barcelona 4-0 to Paris St-Germain(the four of us cheered each goal) and the barman even said we could get a takeaway and bring it back! I was quite happy to do this, but we ended up going to Wetherspoons and grabbing some ‘real’ food(aka buritos) instead, which you prob should do after a 7 mile run. We caught the bus back and set the alarm for 6:30am!

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First Time Buyer – Steps to Buying a House / Buying a House Procedure

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

After last year’s experience, I found there were some great guides/pages out there for house buying, but nothing that covered all the steps I encountered – I felt lost sometimes, waiting for stuff to happen or receiving stuff, so decided to write this up.

Please note: I was a first time buyer, did my own removals (didn’t have that much stuff) and my dad was a surveyor, so he did the surveying. Your experience might be quite different.

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Biblical Wealth Secrets – VTA Publications – Scam

Friday, February 26th, 2016

The other week I received this letter through the post – I was wondering if this was a scam, so Googled “VTA publications and Biblical Wealth Secret”, but could only find one reference and that was here at MoreMoneyReview.com. I signed up to MoreMoneyReview to read the comments and apparently this Biblical Wealth Secret thing is pretty much the same as another scheme called Streetwise or the Fortune Files. From the reading those, it seems to largely promises the world YET somewhat unsurprisingly delivers very little.

Anyways, I found the letter is rather amusingly and well written – FULL of lures to bring in vulnerable people! So I scanned it and OCR’d it, here it is for your reading and to help Google know more about VTA Publications 🙂

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Chicken, carrot, onion and gravy pie de Chef James

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

photo 4

I literally chucked this thing together and the result was a most top, tasty and delicate home-made pie!
try it out and impress your friends!

Serves about 2 people.

1 x cooked chicken breast *
2 x carrots (peeled and sliced)
1 x large onion (diced)
1 packet of ready rolled filo pastry – or about 4-5 sheets!
Cooking oil – be it olive, sunflower, whatever, to brush over the pastry
2-3 tablespoons Bisto gravy granules
sprinkles of black pepper, Herbes de Provence
some thyme to garnish (if you have any spare)

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Does going to Rutlish School put you in the “Cosy Club”?

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Rutlish School coat of arms

Apparently the UK is deeply elitist and you can’t get a ‘top job’ unless you are one of the ‘cosy club’ which mostly comprises of private school types.


Now I went to Rutlish School, an ex-grammar in Merton Park, Wimbledon, SW19. So my real question is, are we #Rutlish School boys part of the ‘cosy club’? Let’s look at the facts – John Major PM is an old boy of ours, we have an Old boys club called The Old Ruts + we were all boys + we have a “Speech Night” whereby a famous old-Rutlish boy does a speech and presents prizes(John Major in 1991) + we had ‘houses’ + we have a ‘head boy’ + we used to play ‘fives'(a game generally only played at private schools) + we did had Latin lessons at GCSE and A-Level!

Inspired by this article, I’ve now made some art work! 🙂

Rutlish Elite

Free ways to copy files, video, photos and music directly to/from your iPhone without iTunes

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

The problem with iTunes is you simply cannot copy files, photos, images, videos directly to and from your iPhone or iPad. I wanted to copy some specific .MOV video files to my iPhone and copy some camera roll photos off it and found this became a bit of a nightmare. I really couldn’t be bothered with syncing and all that malarky, I just wanted to copy the files and go. Anyways, after several hours of playing around I’ve concluded the following, hope it helps somebody : I found I needed 3 programs to maintain my iPhone as I wanted…

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My Royal Exchange over 2 years Youtube Video

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

My latest youtube video! London’s Royal Exchange filmed over 2 years – Nov 2010 – Jan 2013. On my way home from work each day/night I started taking pics of The Royal Exchange from outside Bank station. Eventually making this stop-motion movie from them – it’s a bit jerky at the start, but hope you like the video anyways. Watch out for the Olympics logos/barriers – taken during the men’s marathon and wheelchair marathons.

Girl with surfboard by Wimbledon Village bus stop

Monday, August 20th, 2012

girl with surfboard by bus stopNot something you see every day! Saw this girl with a surfboard at a bus stop in  Wimbledon Village as was wandering past.

Mo Farah Runs Away From Things!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

My contribution to the Mo Farah Runs Away From Things craze! 🙂

Mo Farah Runs Away From Things - Sheep

Montreal, Montpelier and Albany

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
Back to the Future? - Montpelier Court House

Back to The Future – Montpelier Court House

Montreal Tips:
Take bus 747 from Montreal airport, it runs 24/7.
Travel card costs $8 and lasts 24hours after 1st usage on bus and metro + includes a ride on the 747 bus. $16 for 3 days usage.

Montpelier Highlights for me were:
1) visiting the Skinny Pancake shop for good/different food
2) pick up a free town street map from the Info stand a bit along from Subway, on the way to the state Capitol. this is highly useful.
3) tour the State Capitol building, very friendly and helpful guides there.
4) visit the Hubbard Park tower – about 20mins walk.
5) you can walk back down from Hubbard Park to the town via either path. the higher path is nicer, the lower path goes steeply down the ‘mountain’ and ends up.
6) visit the Uncommon market – reminds me of Bailey and Sage in Wimbledon village 🙂
Useful info:
The Greyhound Bus stop is on Main Street just by the Fire station, it’s on one side of the road only, The other side are for municipal buses.
The supermarket is the south end of of mainstreet.

Chancellors Hall - Albany

Chancellors Hall – Albany

You can take Bus 29 and 6 from to Greyhound station.
Get hold of the B&B map.
Visit the Capitol, found very interesting, we don’t really have this kind of thing in the UK.

Met Ed Stafford – The Man That Walked The Amazon

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Ed Stafford and Me

Decided I needed a break after 6 months of no holiday (what with the marathon training and everything) and so took a trip up north to tick off a visit to Leeds (Beflast now remains the last major town I haven’t visited in the UK according to my list). Needed an excuse to go and happened upon a lecture in Halifax (never been there either) that interested me. After a quick glance at some tennis at the Roehampton Wimbledon qualifiers, I set off about 2pm. Finally reaching Halifax a whole hour before the 7:30pm start. The lecture was by Ed Stafford, the first man ever to walk entire length of the Amazon river! It took him 2.5 years – 860 DAYS! to do and he saw Piranahs, Anacondas, waded through head high water, thousands of mosquitos, was called Pela Cara (face peeler – some Amazonian tribes think white men steal people’s faces and body parts and will kill without hesitation) and even sat on the back of a motorbike driven by a 5ft tall Peruvian lady one time whlst holding her miniture dog! It was pretty interesting, along with the various slides, maps and video of the trip he showed us, there’s going to be a 2 part doco on TV too. Following the lecture was a Q/A session and I got to ask Ed what kind of physical training he’d done to prepare for the trip –  ‘Not a whole lot to be honest’ was his reply 🙂 Also bought his book Walking the Amazon and got to meet the man himself, can’t wait to read it – a really good bloke – a true adventurer and explorer.


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

TOOK 5hours right on, well 5:01:20 to be precise!! whoop whoop 🙂

Me at London Marathon start - Greenwich Park

Looking concerned at the start! 🙂

To Your Marks
Woke up wide awake and somewhat hyper at 5:15am, but forced myself to lay in bed trying to rest and got up at 6:40am just after my alarm went off. Had my Shreddies, but was too nerve-racking to eat the eggs and bacon I’d cooked the night before, so only ate bit of the eggs and made sandwiches. Caught Wimbledon to Waterloo train, along with loads of other marathoners and we then took the packed Waterloo East train to Greenwich station.

Wandering through Greenwich Park at 8:30am to the marathon area was quite a sight with the thousands of other runners all getting ready with their red Virgin London Marathon kit bags and brightly coloured shirts. As it was so warm I took off the bright red £3 top I’d bought from TK Max the day before (they suggest buying a cheap top to throw away if it’s a cold start) and showing off my running number of 46685 walked into the runners area to be greeted by Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

Virgin London Marathon 2011Still a bit tired, sat in the park listening to the funny Geordi announcer guy and ate my egg/bacon sandwiches + some crisps and Muller Rice pudding 🙂 before noticing it was getting very close to 9:45am. So following a bunch of runners, I walked through a fence opening to the start line queue. Looking around, downing a Gatorade, I seemed to be surrounded by this bunch of very fit 3:30hr club athletes:Pwell except for the guy in the big furry outfit a few metres behind me:)

The race started and off we went, took about 10mins to cross the starting line and was very exciting and great feeling from the start.

Wanted to pace myself with about 10 or 11minute miles, which I stuck to rather well. Got overtaken by millions of people for the first few miles, including Horny Paul the Rhino, but this didn’t really concern me as I had an idea I’d catch up with many of them later on, which I indeed did, including poor Horny Paul the Rhino just before 21miles where upon he looked rather hot , tired and bedraggled (massive respect to him). Fellow Save the Rhino runner Dave Curnick also said hi on the way 🙂

London Marathon - running over Tower Bridge 12.5miles stage

Running over Tower Bridge 12.5miles

Running The Race
Words cannot describe how good the crowd were – their cheers really do keep you going, they give you motivation like nothing else. Also just knowing your friends are out there is a great boost. What is awesome too is that for the first 12 miles or so the roads are a bit more open and the thousands of people lining the route and cheering are just wonderful. Tons of kids/randoms hold their hands out and you can slap them a high or low five as you go past. Thanks to them all hugely. Big thanks to Terry too for telling me to put my name on my shirt, as you run along people sometimes shout your name and again it just keeps you going like you wouldn’t believe.

Seeing my friend Ben Hall at Surrey Quays 8.5miles in and his shout of ‘James Reed’ and then again at Tower Bridge and again at 21 miles was off the planet, mate that was someting else. Also the Rachel + Gina shouting like maniacs along with dad and his rhino placards and the rest of the family at 11.5mile mark in Bermondsey ruled and then on the Embankment, so good, so surprising and so enlivening.

The live music played along the way and the loud speaker music is also MASSIVE help, so good of the clubs/pubs/people to do that. Put it this way at one point, we’re talking about 22miles, they were playing Jump Around and I actually jumped past them it was so energizing, yeah at 22miles, lol.

The mile markers really do help too, really did find myself counting them down. Found the worst mile was mile 15, you’re a bit past half way and the going is starting to get tougher, it’s less populated, plus it was on somewhat of a hilly area and I desperately wanted to hit 16 (prob cos of the Epsom run). Once you hit 16 you know it’s two miles til 18 and once there it’s only 8 miles to go which should be possible, even walking.

The weather was warm, sunny and hot at points, nice suntan in the end, but cool enough to run (officially described start as ‘perfect conditions’) but I must’ve literally drunk about 10litres of water, I had countless bottles of water + lucuzade sports drinks handed out on the way and must’ve just sweated it out. The sports gels were also incredible. I’ve never tried a sports gel (liquid carbohydrates + glucose) before but they had Lucuzade gel stations at 14miles and 22miles, so I tried them and the result was remarkable, just seemed to propel you along.I also carried one of them(third taken at 23miles + at 24miles) and a couple of carbo-bars with me(consumed at 9 and 18 miles) which helped push me onwards.

Me at London Marathon Finish

At the finish 26miles 385yards

Crossing The Finish Line
Whereas many say they can’t feel their legs the last 6 miles, I actually picked up speed during the last 3 miles(seriously surprised at my own fitness), I mean I was properly running it, hitting 11kmph apparently. Meant I overtook hundreds of people, including some really old ;) and some really in-trouble runners and Sprinted over the finish line!

Received my medal, goodie bag and got one of those silver foil capes I’ve wanted pretty much my whole life and was one of the main reasons I did this thing:P Then hanged out with the Save the Rhino team, thanks so much Adam and Lucy you guys are the best, had a leg massage from two very nice blondes and was met and greeted by the old folks, Gina, Stephen, the Rachel, Ben, Henry, Jackie and the QRC bunch. I waited until the last Rhino came in (about 7:30hrs, a lady who’d run the Brighton marathon the week before!) and then headed to Wagamamas for a chicken Katzu curry. The finale being a pint of Guinness with Mr.Hall in Wetherspoons in Wimbledon! Zzz

Other Highlights Of The Race

  • My running battle/war with none other than Mickey Mouse! the pesky mouse kept repeatedly running fast, overtaking me, then slowing down a bit and so I’d overtake him, then the menacing mouse would do the same again and I couldn’t do anything cos the crowd loved him and kept shouting “Mickey!” all the time!
  • Being chased by a tiger, he was very funny
  • Racing a couple of Elvis’s
  • Being well overtaken by Dino the dinosaur and the Flintstones, then seeing them doing some interview later on.
  • Seeing the guy in the green Tinkerbell fairy outfit who was kicking a football all the way
  • Seeing the two firemen walking at about 12miles in FULL UNIFORM + BOOTS, they must’ve been ahead of me by a good way until then! wow!
  • The Knights in full armour jogging past me at points.
  • Txting facebook and friends “At 24miles!” when gone through the tunnel at 24 miles 🙂
  • Seeing a big hairy Lion right at the end
  • Watching the Rhinos come in – wo those guys are crazily brave running in those things!
  • Lots of other moments…

I have to say the whole thing was organised extremely well from start to finish and All in all was a brilliant brilliant day!

Finally thanks again to super runner + running expert Nico, all credit to him for telling me to run this thing in the first place!

Marathon finished wearing the cape

Always wanted one of those capes! 🙂

And so my London Marathon 2011 training blog warms down to a close, thanks for reading 🙂

Click here to see my race results

Ran with a London Marathon Winner!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

1983 London Marathon Winner - Mike GrattonTonight I got to run round the sights of the capital city with a London Marathon Winner! 1983 London Marathon Winner 'Mike Gratton' in fact. oh 1983 you say, well this guy ran the Marathon in 2:09hrs!!! that's faster than the elite Brit runners run today, pretty good, no?! :) Save the Rhino had most excellently organised this run with Mike for us and it was brilliant – about 12 of us turned up inc Adam who'd set it all up, though he refrained from running with us cos he had to 'look after our stuff' hehe. We met in a gym in London Bridge and after Mike showed us how to warm up properly, we did about a 5.5mile circuit from London Bridge up and over Westminster Bridge and back to London Bridge where we started. A bunch of the guys sped off ahead of us at the start and were obviously aiming for a quick run, but a group of 4 of us hanged back so we could chat to Mike, plus we were prob lot slower than the guys ahead, am not going for 2:09hrs this yr, perhaps next ;). There were a couple of other girls too, but they went the wrong way down an alley half way and somehow ended up a bit behind us. Mike gave us some running tips and told us stuff about his training back in day – lots of repeated 400m's sprints etc!! It was a very nice run, taking in Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the Wheel, glimpse of St.Pauls etc running over the Thames was cool too, pollution didn't seem too bad either. We finished with a drink and a superb pasta meal in the bar next to the gym. Mike gave us some very useful and interesting running tips. It was good to meet some other Save the Rhino guys too, really nice bunch, cheers Tristan and the girls for running with me :) and Thanks so much Mike for a very inspiring night.
Check out 2:09Events which Mike runs – they do fun events like a marathon run over three days between vineyards in the South of France, yes lots of wine too!

The Googling Cat

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

There is a ginger cat that lives in my house called ‘Grahamina’ – she is a special cat because she likes to interrupt my breakfast and use Google to produce amazing results such as the one below! 🙂

The Googling Cat

The Googling Cat

Grahamina Googlewhack

Grahamina Googlewhack


Saw The Hoff at Wimbledon Theatre

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I'd seen the posters around and resisted so far, BUT it wa too much, my hero Michael Knight was starring in the pantomime at Wimbledon theatre! Yes, the star of my fave TV programme as a kid Knightrider AKA Mitch from Baywatch AKA David Hasselhoff was visiting my hometown and this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see him! :P so I went along for the Wednesday 1:30pm show! It was Peter Pan with The Hoff as Hook and Louie Spence from Pineapple Studios as the Cabin Boy (named Roger lol). These two made an unexpectedly brilliant combination. The Hoff's very-English announcement of the start of the show, hinted to me that he may have actually grasped what the very British institute of panto really is, which is most impressive for an American! 🙂 After curtain up, came the songs, the dances, the jokes and even the story, which was wonderfully told and acted out by all the cast involved! Louie Spence was flippin hilarious and what a dancer too! The dude playing Peter Pan was excellent too, had a real quality for being a nice guy and luring the audience in with the traditional BEHIND YOU and OH NO HE HASN'T routines too! 🙂 Top marks to both him + the lady playing Wendy, you guys got the characters 100% right + the funny pirates ruled (esp the bit where Louie got them doing a caberet).

What I loved was that rightly there were references to everything – Baywatch, KITT (best car ever if you don't know), the talking watch, Pamela Anderson (who was at the theatre last year), they even had a bit introduced as singing 'live from the Berlin Wall' (oh yes, all you Germans out there, who remembers Hoff sitting on the Wall singing Freedom in 1989). The delighted shouts and laughs of what sounded like thousands of kids around me along with adults and a large number of pensioners alike, made a great atmosphere.

Got a txt from a friend earlier saying that the Daily Wail had slated the show, I really dunno what version the reviewers saw but this was EXCELLENT STUFF! the best panto production I've seen and certainly better than the last one I went to a while ago. Even had a fab DISCO INFERNO ending!

Was also very lucky having a great seat about 5 rows back from the front and happened to be sitting next to a very pretty blonde, who people around obviously thought I was with, Spicegirl Emma Bunton being one of them, as she + her man + kids were sat behind us! Turned out this girl was cool and knew the guy playing Peter Pan and loved the show too, her squeals everytime Louie said something, are gunna be a lasting memory 🙂 So, a most splendid Wednesday afternoon.


James’ Most Excellent Ham Noodle Stir Fry!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

I was really in the mood for something quick and preferably noodles. I didn't have any peppers or bean sprouts, but thought I'd try see what I could cook up anyways. I also used a non-stick saucepan instead of a wok! Turned out to be delicious, perhaps even better than with the bean sprouts.

James' Most Excellent Ham Noodle Stir FryIngredients (names/specifics are only here for reference, you can use what you like):

olive oil
1 small onion chopped
1 clove organic garlic chopped
half an organic carrot chopped
small dollop of tomato puree
some water 😉
1 x nest sharwoods noodles
1/3 lemon's juice
Blue Dragon oyster sauce
Blue Dragon soy sauce
Schwartz ground ginger
unrefined cane sugar
2 slices Morrison's carvery cooked ham
1/4 pack Morrison's simple side salad (endive, radicchio, carrot and cabbage).

Cooking The Dish

  1. heat non-stick saucepan with small amount of olive oil
    add onions + garlic to pan, fry for 3mins
    add 1/3 of the carrot
    add a small amount of tomato puree (hey it was to hand) and mix
    add some water and reduce heat to level 1 (quite low)
  2. boil some water in another pan, add rest of carrots and when boiling, add noodles
    cook noodles for 4mins 
    meanwhile remember to keep stiring the onions/garlic to stop them burning.
  3. drain noodles/carrots and add them to the onions/garlic, 
    turn up the heat to max! 🙂
  4. stir liberally until onions are mixed in with noodles
  5. add a good tbsp oyster sauce and stir, adding water if it's getting a bit dry
    add tsp of ginger, stir
    add tsp soy sauce, stir
    add half tbsp cane sugar, stir + add some water
    add in 1/3 lemon's juice
    add bit more oyster sauce and some water and stir til it's all hot again
  6. add 2 slices ham, stir 🙂
  7. add handful salad mix for 1minute, stir again and stir/cook for one minute
  8. serve!

P.S. I say tbsp/tsp but personally I just chucked it in the mix, guessing.

Slideshow of Me and Some People/Things

Saturday, October 9th, 2010



Evita At Wimbledon Theatre!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Went to see 'Evita' at Wimbledon Theatre last night. The smash hit musical of the remarkably interesting life story of Argentina's first lady Eva Peron was an excellent production and thoroughly enjoyable! The lead, along with the guy who played her husband Juan Peron were superb, her rendition of the timelessly emotional 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' was thrilling as well as enthralling. Ché Guevara was pretty cool too, this guy did an incredible job as narrator for the story and was endlessly entertaining. I won't say too much on these three, as you prob get the picture, the performance from the rest of the cast was flawless too from their dancing to the group singing. Evita's first boyfriend was a class act too and I must look up who Juan's mistress was, she was only in it a short time but her "So What Happens Now?" piece was stunning, with a unique voice like that she could have a career to follow. hmmm.

Only thing is I'll have to read up on Mz Peron now, can't believe she died at only 33, rising from literally nothing and nowhere at 15 to national celebrity and wife of the president by the time she was 26. Apparently after her death her body left Argentina for 17 years only returning after Peron re-entered politics there. Tim Rice stumbled randomly upon the story and the rest is history.

Top marks  again Wimbledon Theatre!

My Fave Youtube Video at the moment!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Sampras Slam Dunk Top 10! Love it Federer fans! 🙂

[tubepress video=hduChEVaNOc title=false autoplay=false]

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