Wrote a Grime song about my Crypto-friend!

I started listening to Grime tracks driving home late at night on BBC Radio 1 about 5 years ago and despite the off-beats and random lyrics, I found the genre bizarrely kind of grew on me. Anyways, today I was inspried to write a “Grime” song 🙂 I’ve written various songs and lyrics over the years, but never in the style of rap or grime, so I thought why not give it a try and what better subject than for it to be about than my Dutch friend who is an expert in crypto currency(he was one of the first people out there to buy bitcoin, years ago, way before it was easy to do so on Coincase.com etc). Must’ve spent a whole 10minutes writing the lyrics and recording this in my best London accent 😀

Anyway, here it is (click below). The backing track is Lost Souls by Lee Grizzle.