Biblical Wealth Secrets – VTA Publications – Scam

The other week I received this letter through the post – I was wondering if this was a scam, so Googled “VTA publications and Biblical Wealth Secret”, but could only find one reference and that was here at I signed up to MoreMoneyReview to read the comments and apparently this Biblical Wealth Secret thing is pretty much the same as another scheme called Streetwise or the Fortune Files. From the reading those, it seems to largely promises the world YET somewhat unsurprisingly delivers very little.

Anyways, I found the letter is rather amusingly and well written – FULL of lures to bring in vulnerable people! So I scanned it and OCR’d it, here it is for your reading and to help Google know more about VTA Publications 🙂

Please don’t be fooled by any of it!

Michael White
12 Tilbury Close
Tel: 01189 484082

Dear James,

“Get rich quick!” “Shortcut to a million pounds!” Aren’t you fed up with hearing that…?

You’ve heard it all before. Most of this garbage is written by people who will never become a millionaire, and the only money they stand to make is that which the customers hand over to them.

I am an international bestselling author, as well as a millionaire, and once upon a time I shared your

frustration. I’ve been there too, and I’m tired of intricate wealth schemes, franchise opportunities, and ‘how to start a business’ courses.

But I left all that nonsense behind me when I discovered this loophole…

With your permission, over the next few minutes I’ll explain a money-loophole that could be your ticket to the laziest and fastest retirement imaginable. Please grab yourself a drink and a quiet few minutes, because I guarantee you won’t ever have read anything like this.

NOBODY else knows this secret because I discovered it– through the application of an ancient code. But if you’ll allow me to rush you a confidential document without you parting with a single penny, I will share it with you for legitimate reasons I’ll explain in a moment. And I guarantee you’ll be stunned at how this powerful secret could force the banking system into letting you retire early…

l spent a lot of time uncovering and testing out this loophole, so believe me, 1 did NOT originally intend to share it with anyone! I’m not doing this to be a Samaritan. But, for a very good reason I’ll explain shortly, I’m going to allow 181 people to use this secret (as long as they sign a confidentiality agreement). So with your kind permission, I will now explain why I’m sharing this with l8l people, and explain more about this life-changing loophole…

L/ 009751


Imagine clicking a few keys or making a single call… then sitting back and waiting for a windfall you had an 82.4% chance of getting each time you used this. Now that ’s what I call a forced retirement…

No constant worrying or checking things every day/hour/minute, and this doesn’t become your second job. You just click a few buttons on a certain website or place a call at the right time, and then get on

with your life…

Nothing complicated to learn, you don’t need to become an expert in anything, this isn’t a lifetime project or a hobby, we’re not talking about some ‘second income pocket money’; it’s serious chunks of cash

for virtually zero effort…

Can you imagine that? Well, you don’t have to ‘imagine’ that because it’s been recently proven…

The FACT is that if you’d used this secret most recently, you would have got a windfall of £55,250.

And I’ve proven that this secret had an 82.4% of working each time it was used in an intensive study of past performance in recent years.

Please let me put your mind at rest about a few things…

  • There’s no limit to the number of times you can use this under one person’s name. You could use this secret regularly…
  • You DON’T need to already have a bank account with a particular bank or building society.
  • You DON’T need to have been mis-sold a pen sion or investment.
  • You DON’T need to buy shares of a specific company or bank.
  • You DON’T have to pay this money back- it’s NOT a loan. It’s YOUR money, free and clear.
  • You DON’T have to own a home, and you can use the money for ANYTHING you like.
  • You DON’T need a credit rating or be at any particular earnings level or be on benefit.
  • You DON’T need a computer or any technical know-how. You could even place a call instead of make a few clicks if you don’t have a computer.

I know you’re sceptical, I’ve been where you are now, and I too have been subjected to a lot of rubbish and scams. I’m frightened to add up how much money I’ve wasted on all that get-rich-quick nonsense over the years…

But I believe that everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t been subjected to all the lame schemes and rip-offs I wouldn’t have turned to a respected source of truth to find the answers to my financial prayers. You see, it was a long and dark road to finally discover a genuine path to freedom…


I was flat broke not so long ago. Whatever money I made from my crummy job I spent on moneymaking systems and seminars that never seemed to work. All the ‘gurus’ Who turned out to be charlatans, all the promises that were actually lies, and all the money I’d invested in schemes that went up in smoke. Ugh!

I remember the exact day that was the low-point for me, When I felt I was at the bottom of financial hell. I’d lost my job, I was up to my ears in debt, and I had no savings, all in the middle of a brutal recession. Literally, all I had to my name was a few coins on a rented coffee table. I stared at those coins, and I thought it was the end of the road…

But it was then, at rock bottom and desperate for help, that for some reason I picked up a beaten-up old book that my late-grandfather had once given me.

But I didn’t turn to this old book for a shoulder to cry on, I picked it up because my canny old grandfather died financially independent with plenty of automated money streams still pouring into his bank accounts when he passed on. He always said that the secrets in this book were all he had ever needed to make his money…

And he had always told me how this ancient book concealed a powerful code that hardly anybody knew existed. But he shared that code with me. Please bear with me as I explain how I used this code to crack the banks. . .

The ancient book I’m talking about is the most read book in the world. The Old Testament. But before we go on, please understand that I’m not some preacher trying to convert you…!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a particularly religious person- I suppose I fall into that ‘Church of England’ camp, like so many Brits. This is nothing religious so please don’t be sceptical or offended if you’re of

another religion or atheist. This is about moneymaking, plain and simple And, Contrary to what many people think, money is one of the most talked about subjects in this; book…

This ancient and mysterious text is packed with advice from the richest man in history, the original wealth ‘guru’: King Solomon. What many people don’t realise is that encrypted in his writings within The Old Testament, Solomon reveals how the financial system always takes money from the population, how the system works, and how to take advantage of it…!

That’s why my wealthy grandfather referred to this ancient code as, ‘The Solomon Code’. And, after those scandalous fat-cat banks recently, I had an idea about how to use this uncannily reliable code to legally crack the banks and generate regular and massive windfalls for myself…

You see, the ancient code that’s repeated throughout The Old Testament is a combination of two “perfect” numbers that, for some strange reason, have an incredible track record for predicting events in the financial system


and economy. If you’re in the few percentage of people reading this who actually get access to this secret, I’ll prove this to you as a matter of fact by looking at past events.

Don ’t worry, you don’t have to crunch any numbers or do anything remotely complicated- I’m just explaining what’s under the bonnet of this powerful secret…

And this is nothing made up or weird- what I refer to as ‘The Solomon Code’ is there for anyone to see, they just have to know what to look for and how to use it. And I had just figured out a new way to use it…

So I put it to the test. My heart was racing as I tested this Solomon Code. I punched it in and, bingo, it worked like a charm! I tested it again, and bingo. But: it felt too good to be true. I wanted even more proof. I wanted some real evidence. I wanted to know precisely what the likely chances were of success. I wanted a test over the longest timeframe possible

Using my computer, I ran as many tests as I could… and I started counting all the money I’d have made had I always used this secret. It seemed uncanny, but the undeniable proof was right before me, proven time and time again. The Holy Grail discovered at last.

I had just heard the clunk of unlocking, as if the doors to a vault of treasure had swung open…

So how does it work? What do you have to do?

Think about all the money you give to the banking system every month. Interest on debt, pension contributions, insurance policies, investment plans, etc. Billions Of pounds! But What most people don’t realise is that these overflowing coffers of bank-money are indirectly accessible to the little-guy who knows about this effortless and legal loophole and how to exploit it…

Basically, you’re getting your own little Windfall each time the banks get one… IF you’re in the right place at the right time. Don’t worry, you do the whole thing from your armchair- no traveling and you’re done in

just one attempt.

So what’s to stop anyone getting these windfalls? Because you need to know where to position yourself to receive them. Once you have a good idea of this (like an 82.4% chance of knowing!) you just click a few keys or make a phone call, and then sit back and watch. Remember though, this is NOT about trading share in individual companies or forex or real estate or any of those things I listed at the start- you’re just riding on the back of the big banks’ windfalls.

What The Solomon Code does is give you the intelligent guess you need to position yourself correctly to receive these windfalls. And it’s been proven to get it right in the past for 82.4% of the time.


When The Solomon Code tells you to, you make a few idiot-proof clicks on a special website I’ll show you, all according to very specific and simple instructions, and then you sit back. Based on past performance over

several years, there’s an 82.4% chance you’ll get you windfall. Then you do it all over again when the next Solomon Code comes along…!

I can’t tell you anymore without giving away the secret, but that’s why I’m offering to send you a confidential document without you parting with a penny. That is, if you’re fast enough to be one of the lucky few granted access…

Which brings us back to that big question we began with, why would I share such an amazing discovery with you… ?

The answer is a simple one, and I hope you don’t mind my honesty. I’m asking for 10% of your windfalls, but only after you clear your first fifty-grand. I think that’s fair, and I hope you agree. Like I said, my reason for sharing this is 100% genuine, and I hope you now see why. I mean, why else would someone share a genuine secret with you? If the secret truly was a secret, and it was a secret that was any good, why would they bother contacting you? Surely they’d just use it themselves and you’d never hear anything about it! But my motive is as genuine as this secret is real…

YOU see if there is a catch to this it’s that there’s a limit to how much a person can make per windfall- realistically my guess is that limit is about a hundred thousand pounds. By sharing this with a small group of people

and them paying me a percentage of what they make, I’m able to make a lot more money for my discovery, and a lot faster…

I can’t let the whole world know about this though. There will be a confidentiality agreement to sign, and a strict limit on the number of people granted access t( 1 the secret. By my calculation I only need to Share this secret with I81 people. Why only 181…?

  • Firstly, because it’s a small enough number to not get noticed. Even though this is 100% legal, if the whole world knew about this then the secret wouldn’t be a secret and the loophole might close. But l8l people
  • sworn to secrecy is only 0003% of the UK population— we will slip under the radar, no problem…
  • And the other reason for l8l people being allowed access is that if I81 people had just made £55,250 and paid me lO% of that, I would have just made a million pounds. That’s a lot of money, and I hope you understand both my motive for sharing this with a small number of people, AND just how confident I am that this works like a charm! This is a win-win.

If you make it into this lucky minority, your life could look a lot different in 72 hours…


With the help of my grandfather’s notes in the book, I translated and decoded all of King Solomon’s cryptic clues for myself, and two years later I had become debt free, owned a successful business, and had bought several investment properties, so there’s a lot more to be gained here man access to this ancient code that cracked the banks…

This Solomon Code is revealed as just one part of my ultra-simple monthly course called, Biblical Wealth Secrets. I guarantee you’ll NEVER have seen anything as easy tojollow as these priceless documents.

And you can get your hands on the first part without parting with a penny- more about that in a second.

Biblical Wealth Secrets is a total wealth-blueprint designed to get you to a comfortable retirement faster than you imagined. A life that could feature…

  • No more worries about recessions hurting you and your loved ones…
  • Retirement on a way smaller nest egg than you imagined- a total shift of the goalposts…
  • Freedom from The Estab1ishment milking you until death…
  • Plus many, many more powerful retirement secrets along the way…
  • And I’ll be on hand to walk you through anything I can help with…

How much would all this be worth to you? Access to this powerful Solomon Code alone is surely worth thousands, or even millions in the right hands… and that’s just one of several secrets revealed in this course…

So I trust you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this powerful collection of documents is just £27 (plus £2.95 shipping) for each of the 10 parts, one part delivered each month, and you don’t pay for the first part until 30 days after receipt, if you decide to continue with the course. And you can opt-out at any time, having only paid for

the parts you received.


Please understand that this tiny fee is really just to cover expenses, production, and administration. Plus, to be honest, it’s a filter to keep out any window-shopping time-wasters, because time-wasters won’t even be bothered to use this, and that won’t make me my 10%. Remember, the main reason I’m offering you this is for the 10% of whatever you make from your windfalls.

But I understand you need some assurance, so for your peace of mind, here’s a guarantee that just couldn’t be anymore risk-free for you…



Please try the first part of the program without parting with a penny – you will not be charged until 30 days after receipt of the first part, giving you ample time to review this. In this first part I will reveal ALL of the Biblical Wealth Secrets. If, after reading the first part, you don’t wish to continue for ANY reason, simply return it within 30 days of receipt, and you will not be charged. If you wish to proceed with the rest of the course, simply continue to pay the monthly fee, and you may cancel your subscription at any time, having only paid for lessons received.

Nothing should stand in your way now. You can inspect the first part of the program so you can see these Biblical Wealth Secrets for yourself… and so you can begin your journey to a luxury retirement. And there’s ZERO RISK by just taking a peak at this. If that scares you off then, I’m sorry, but there’s just no hope for you. So if you’re fast enough to be in the 181 allowed access, we’re in business for this win-win deal…

Imagine counting the money as £55,250, free and clear, hits your bank account…

What would you buy with that? It’s not a fortune, but it would change your life, and for no more effort than making a few clicks on your computer or making a single call. Imagine smashing off the chains of debt, speeding

off in a nice new car, looking forward to a luxury holiday abroad, and giving your younger ones a leg—up in life.

And it’s not as if that would be a one-off windfall- you could do it all again when the next Windfall comes along- so maybe you simply use this to retire

Now, even if you make it into the privileged 181, you need to know one last thing: the next Solomon Code could be along any day, so you must act quickly or you could miss out on the next spend—up. Make sure you come along for this ride with me or you could be kicking yourself forever after. And what do you have to lose by just taking a no-risk peak?

Simply complete the enclosed reservation certificate and send it back to me today, and let’s get started.

I hope you make it into the small percentage of invitees who will have access to this proven Windfall secret. Most people invited will not get a place, and if your application is unsuccessful l must ask you to keep this

whole thing confidential and not tell anyone under any circumstances. Thank you.

To freedom,

Michael White.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 01189 484082


– Urgent Reservation Request –

YES! Please rush me the first part of Biblical Wealth Secrets upon receipt of this request, but do NOT submit or process my payment until 30 days after I receive the first part, giving me adequate time to inspect the information before parting with a penny. I will inform you by phone or mail within 30 days if I wish to cancel my payment. Otherwise I will receive further parts until I wish to unsubscribe from the course, having only paid for the parts received. I agree NOT to disclose this material to anyone. I understand that places are limited, and that if I am unsuccessful in getting one that you will not process payment at all.



1 comment
  1. But did you but it dude ??? Come on, calling something a scam is easy trying it out is the real test

    I happen to know Streetwise publications for over 25 years, their contributors are real they only post out a newsletter, but they are the source, for many get rich publications, that are then plagerised and copied ad infinitum, around the world.

    Sometimes, a person with a website selling their get rich scheme will approach streetwise and they will send their publication to their mailing list.

    Physically and only if your on their list.

    No need to go to a website, no need to join anything.

    So please streetwise publications is a proper publishing business with 14 staff.

    I have always received a refund directly into my bank account, for any publication I have bought, that I wanted a refund for, within 58 hours of PHONING their office and speaking to the person who answers the phone.

    NOT A SCAM !!!

    Also, publishing a get rich scheme is a legitimate way to make money by selling your idea.

    Think about that, you make make a small steady stream of profits year on year , but your limited by your job, resources time,et .

    What better and clearer way to make yourself wealthy enough to take yourself to a proper level of self proficiency than selling your idea to a select few, than approaching a reputable publishing house, with a track record, and a proper long term mailing list, in the real world !

    But it and try it or get off the pot and stop give talking dude, seriously.

    No not associated, affiliated or otherwise.

    Just a CUSTOMER saying his opinions that’s all.

    And you better believe I have looked at 10,000s of ideas in my life as a major webmaster and far to often have found the perfidious and lacking.

    Not so streetwise.

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