The Si-Burgess Easy Cook Sausage Casserole Recipe!

Made this tasty and very quick to cook sausage casserole, posted by my friend Simon Burgess on Facebook.

Notes / Tips

I added some extra onions (half a red and half a brown onion).

This is quite a cheap dish to make, other than the cost of the sausages, the pack of 4 Focaccia breads from Waitrose were £1.80, but you only need 1 and a half for this recipe, so means you can use the left-overs for nice toasted sandwiches later in the week.

I had to rush the oven part and added perhaps a bit too much water(you can see in the pics), but next time will just add a cornflour to thicken the sauce up.


Simple recipes that don’t take a lot of effort and are so delicious! This one is a simple sausage casserole; takes so little effort and is amazing.

  • Slice up a whole punnet of cherry or vine tomatoes and put in a roasting tray.
  • Add a can of cannelloni or mixed beans, several diced garlic cloves and a splash or red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and water plus a little olive oil.
  • Add torn chunks of focaccia bread and mix with hands.
  • Slice up half a dozen quality sausages and distribute on top so they go brown in the oven.
  • Add a sprinkle of rosemary on top and cook at 170c for about 30 mins.

Voila! You have an amazing flavoursome dinner for 3-4 people or just add a few more sausages and bread for more people.

It makes its own juice as it cooks. Make sure to season to liking with salt and pepper before it goes in the oven.

Can always serve with a side salad. Ticks all the boxes and tastes great!Hope you all try it! 😀

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