3 Month Marathon Plan Summary

In summary, here was my marathon training diary from 2011. I kind of only planned the big distances, mainly basing them around and wanting to be able to run a distance of approx 20miles one month before the actual marathon date. Running is different for everyone, my only tip really is do try to get the big distance 2-3 hour runs done – the 10,16 and 20milers – they are tough and somewhat daunting, but try to keep relaxed, take it easy and just do them. You’ll look back and find them well worth it on the day. Looking back now, it’s amazing what you can actually do.

Date Distance / where Week
29 Dec 10km on Wimbledon Common 1
11 Jan slow 10km to get used to marathon pace 3
15 Jan 10.6 miles around Kingston Hill 3
21 Jan 10km Wimbledon Common 4
25 Jan 12.3miles Richmond Park 5
28 Jan 10km Wimbledon Common 5
1st Feb 16.5miles Epsom and back 6
7 Feb 10km Wimbledon Common 7
11 Feb 10km Wimbledon Common 7
14 Feb 9miles Wimbledon Common A3 night run 8
17 Feb 7.5miles Wimbledon Common windmill run  8
19 Feb 10miles Common All England Club run  8
22 Feb 5.5miles Westminster / London Bridge loop 9
25 Feb 30mins run ~ 6km 9
2 Mar 7miles Edge Hill run 10
8 Mar 14miles New Malden Krispy Kreme run 11
14 Mar 20miles Esher and back 12
21 Mar 7-8miles Common  13
30 Mar 16miles Epsom and back 14
13 April 9miles Common 16
17 April 26.4 miles MARATHON DAY  16


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