Created some Strava artwork – The Wizard aka Sutton Strava Sorcerer!

After seeing various Strava artwork such as last year’s 127km London Reindeer, decided to do my own! Most of these artworks seem to be done by cyclists(prob due to the distances involved to create the actual shapes), but I wanted to run it and somewhere local.

After scouring the local area on Google Maps for hour and not finding anything at all promising, finally came up with a random design! There’s some guy in Australia who has done a load of them, but I think that’s because his city(possibly Melbourne) is grid structured, so it’s a lot easier to draw with, whereas London streets are all over the shop! Anyways at first he was going to be a toucan, but ended up being a wizard 😀

Anyways, I call him “The Wizard” or the “Sutton Strava Sorcerer”! 😀 my wife says he looks like a Dementor from Harry Potter!

The route was just slightly less than 10km, but I ran back to my car(which was parked on Oakhill Rd) and up/down the road a bit more to make up the 10km. Overall, the run took about 1:15hrs, but quite a lot of time was spent naviagating and checking roads. It was more like a mini-adventure race really, in my imagination anyway, the best I could do during Tier 4 Lockdown at least 😀 and really was a most fun jog around Sutton in the dusk and dark.

If you happen to be in Sutton and fancy drawing “The Wizard”(or Dementor or whatever), here’s the route :

Start at Oakhill Rd and Benhill Rd run West, Right on Benhill Wood Rd -> Elgin Road, R on Benhill Rd, R into Benfleet Close loop around there, back onto Benhill Rd to roundabout with Oakhill Rd
Left on Erskine Rd, R on Wrythe Lane, go into the park (Wrythe Rec) and draw 3 diagonals for fingers backing them against the fence on Brookfield Ave(I ran up the hill and back to a tree, to the bench and back to a tree and once again, prob too much detail there) – then jog along the park path(parallel to Brookfield) exit and along Brookfield Ave, Right up Laburnum Ave and back, down Mead Crescent, R on Shirley Ave, L on Kingsley Ave, R on Byron Ave East, L on Byron Ave, R on Westmead Road
L on St.Barnabas Rd, L on Carshalton Rd (A232), cross road at bollard crossing, over and down Albert Road, follow that road to the wasteland, it curves round to the right, then slight left onto Morland Rd and then R onto Reading Rd, back to A232, go left a few metres and then cross the road, R along A232 then L on Lind Road, go up to the roundabout and R on to Lower Rd then along to the junction with St.Barnabas Rd and back again to Lind Rd. Straight over the roundabout(past the shops) and along Manor Rd, R on Nursery Road, L on Benhill Ave, R on Brunswich Rd, L into the estate, through the car park area and on to Rosebery Gardens, the map here says go down Marshall Rd but just go straight towards the town centre(with Matalan on your right), Along the High St, L on Bushy Rd(by the park), R on The Green to the end then straight on the path through the park to Hallmead Rd, run to the end of Hallmead Rd and run a few circles(this is his wand), then run back to the park, now take the middle path back to the High St, slight left then cross the road and do a R on to Oakhill Rd. Run straight along here until you get to the roundabout with Benhill Wood Rd!
Well done, The Wizard is complete! 😀

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