James’ Master Chef inspired paprika & ginger breadcrumbed chicken with Hasselback potatoes, carrots and onion in a cranberry gravy!

Originally made this on March 21st 2018. It might look a bit stodgy, but tastes fantastic!
Cook time = about 1 hour

Main Ingredients:

Chicken breast cut and flattened with a rolling pin. You can probably make two bits from one breast this way.
A large jacket potato or two.
One large carrot (peeled and chopped in two)
An onion

Bisto gravy granules, dash of Worcestershire sauce and some cranberry juice for gravy

An egg in a bowl to help coat the chicken

Spice mix for the chicken coating :
smoked paprika
herbs de provence
Allinson wholemeal flour
Paxo natural breadcrumbs


wash the potatoes
slice them Hasselback style ie. about half-way through at gaps of about 5mm (see photo for a better idea)
sprinkle with pepper and salt
smother the potatoes in goose fat 😀
oven cook for 30mins at about 160degrees

Whilst the potato is cooking, with the flattened chicken breast :
dip chicken in the spice mix
dip chicken in the egg bowl
dip chicken in the mix again
put chicken on tin foil and drizzle with some oil

Remove the potatoes from the oven and put more goosefat over them
Put the potatoes back in the oven, along with the chicken
Cook for another 30mins

The Vegetables & Gravy

Peel the onion and chop in half
Boil the carrot and onion in a saucepan for 20mins
Remove the carrot and onion and set aside.

Take a tsp of Bisto gravy granules, a tsp of Worcestershire sauce and a tsp of cranberry juice – put in a cup and mix.
Re-boil the water the carrot and onion were cooked in and add a small amount to the gravy granule mix. Stir for a minute or until it thickens.


Remove the potato and chicken from the oven, serve with the carrot and onion, pour gravy over! yum!

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