The USA needs leaders that will encourage all people groups!

So, violently Destroying 1000+ small businesses, mostly owned by local black ppl is about “justice” and will really help the black community in those deprived areas?! Then there’s Apple, the company that actively helped the Chinese communist govt suppress Hong Kong democracy protestors just months ago, putting “F*** the Police” on their main playlist to really help things, as they know about “justice”, right! LOL

Something else to really object to is the media hiding last year’s stats(click here for link) that show 99% of black AND white cops are good guys and shows :

The race of a police officer DOES NOT predict the race of the citizen shot. In other words, black officers were just as likely to shoot black citizens as white officers were

This could be inspiring news for many and used to quell bad feeling about this bad/racist cop killing of George Floyd, instead the media just hype everything, encourage violence against police, ultimately letting criminals take over in deprived areas, which doubtless will become no-go zones for cops, making things worse for any regular folks there. To illustrate this there’s the Michael Brown case, which the media and politcians still repeatedly quote as a racial murder, yet where EVERY SINGLE EYE WITNESS(all local black ppl) said in the trial afterwards that the white police officer shot in self-defence and so was cleared. Again this could be used to quell violence, but no the fake news about it carries on. This isn’t discounting historic or one-off racist attacks, but those stats definitely point towards something better, riots and endless protests with no offered practical solution, do not. Really we just need to pray/hope for new leaders in the USA to rise up, both black & white, in politics & the media, that really aren’t scared to tell ppl these kind of things and encourage all people groups, towards better things – towards unity and practical solutions, instead of hype, violence and endless action-less complaint. Tulsi Gabbard seems a good start on the Democrat side by the way, it’s a shame she’s been sidelined by that party.
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