Wrote a song!

A Garbage Truck Done Run Over My Cat!

After many years of half-writing songs, finally decided to finish one!

Unbeknown to most, I’ve actually played the guitar for over 20 years, just not very well(blame that on not practicing properly and for being left-handed, but playing right-handed). Anyways, wanted to finish a song for a long while and today was finally managed to do that.

The theme of the song was inspired by my friend and Country Rock listening pioneer Paul Sell(who reckons Country Rock is the next big thing to hit England) and the style of the song by Joel Cross who suggested I do a blues song. oh and of course Henry and Grahamina the cat!

It’s an Old style country / blues song of how an angry lady runs over a man’s pet cat with a garbage truck.

Anyways here are the lyrics…Sing along…

It was one of days, you know what I mean, sat with nothing to do
Then a man in uniform knocked at my door
He said Boy I got you some news!
Hey man what do you mean by that?
He said a garbage truck just done over your cat!

Now I was stunned, real surprised, made me kinda low,
That cat was sat on my lap,
Not 15 minutes ago
He said Hey boy didn’t you hear the splat?
As that garbage truck done run over your cat!

Now I loved that cat, he was my best friend, even more that my ladyyy
She would moan about his fur
and when he had those fleas
She said One more time, I’ll grab my hat,
Get a garbage truck and done run over that cat!

Now I knew it was her, it had to be, but he is now up there!
Chasing mice, in cat heaven
So I guess that just leaves me,
To tell the story, how’s about that,
Of how a garbage truck and done run over my cat!

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