Project Kapsalon aka Rotterdam kebab

Try this delicious Dutch recipe…

Cook your chips and chicken

I oven roasted mine, but deep fried is probably more kebab shop like.

Prepare your salad ingredients

For the salad you’ll need lettuce, tomatoes, onions (red or ordinary will do), diced cucumber and some Dutch cheese – you’re meant to use Gouda, but I used Jarlsberg as had a packet sitting in the fridge. Also some garlic mayo and/or hot pepper sauce. And yeah I know the oven door could do with a clean.

Voila – chips, chicken and salad

Stick the chips, chicken and cheese in an oven dish – top with a few onions

Put a layer of chips in your dish, then a layer of chicken/meat on top of that, then a layer of cheese on top of that. Top with a few onions. I only used half the dish, as am watching my weight being January and all.

Oven bake at 200 (gas mark whatever) til cheese properly melts – maybe 5mins

Ta da! properly melted cheese

Top with the salad & garlic mayo – the Kapsalon is complete!

Add a layer of onions, then lettuce, diced cucumber and tomatoes. Finally, squeeze over a generous spread of garlic mayo and pepper sauce. I used Remia classic Fritessaus too as I love that stuff. That’s pretty much your Kapsalon.

Ah yes, one last thing – best eaten with a can of beer

The guys in Roffa (Rotterdam) put them in wraps or takeaway boxes, but I just put it into a bowl, not very well either. Anyways try it out, my Dutch friend always eats his with a can of beer (never a bottle). He says they’ve been around for a few years, but nobody here’s heard of them. I hope this helps introduce the non-Dutch nations of imgur to the wonder and taste of the Kapsalon.

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