10 miles – man, I like hills but that was ridiculous + longest run ever

Well I just ran for 2:07hours (around 10.6miles apparently)!! :)Unfortunately I got lost and ended up going the wrong way down a private road in the dark, hoping to end up on Coombe Lane but ended back on Kingston Hill and decided to stop after getting to New Malden for the sake of my own health and safety!!  I wanted to run 10miles and so I headed up to the common, heinously Richmond Park was closed. Here is the route I roughly took. Although pls note, at Tibbets corner I cut into the common and skirted round the back of the cemetery and through the playing fields back onto the main road where it forks up Kingston Hill – man that is one crazy hill esp after tons of other hills on the common! this may make my route slightly longer and certainly more punishing! I waited 5mins for the 131 bus then noticed there was a 152 which stops outside my house, so I devoured a quarter-pounder in New Malden McDonalds  and caught that back here.
Running notes: Am still experimenting with speed, today I perhaps stupidly pushed it quite a bit during the first 3 miles and when I going up the crazy Kingston Hill, as my knees preferred that. I didn't run the entire way though, at times I walked a short distance just to give my legs a bit of a rest, this is definitely the best combination at the moment. Will keep experimenting me thinks.
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