14 miles via Krispy Kreme – saying hi numerous times to Roger T and ending with hi to Kiwi Jo!

Ran 14 miles. Set off, said hi to Roger Tagholm outside his house on the way to the common and Tibbet's Corner, up over Kingston Hill round to New Malden, Cambridge Road, all the way to the roundabout, down Burlington Lane passing the Krispy Kreme doughnut place (a particular highlight of this run) into Raynes Park and back to Wimbledon. Was pretty easy going and surprisingly quicker than expected, wanted to crack 2:05mins and ended up having to run all over the shop at the end, saw Roger T again couple of times as I did a loop of Dundonald Park, he was a bit stunned I think to see me still runnning nearly 2hrs later 🙂 then into Wimbledon finishing outside Queens Road Church in the end. Funnily ran into tennis star Kiwi Jo as I walked back into Wimbledon from there, so if you want to know what I'm like after a 14mile run and high on a sea of endomorphins, just ask her hehe 😉

Click here for roughly the route <did run down Chase Alley but not on Google Maps!>

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