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Planned and done 16.5mile route to Epsom and back!!

Sheesh! just back from 16.5 mile run to Epsom and back, man that was a long way!  took 3:30hrs but had a break at Epsom to re-fuel with surprisingly excellent Boots Energy bar + bottle of Gatorade (only rehydration drink that has no artificial sweetners[evil aspartme], flavours or colours) + there were so many flippin hills it was nuts ;( Think I must've subconsciously planned route with as much hills as possible, was like fell-running at points. Still Nonsuch Park was very pleasant despite the mud and I've cycled the route and driven it numerous times and it's one I like. Down London Road, waving at where the Sarah and the Rose live :P then past Modern Park (where used to hang out and do stupid things as a teenager ) then onto North Cheam and eventually Epsom.

Fitness Note: Legs/self haven't felt this way since I used to play tennis with Wiltshire, Georgi and co for 6 hours a day back in the sun of 2006!!

Now munching on pasta + ham, tomorrow going to be interesting!

Planned route 16.5miles click below – slightly different really cos got lost in Nonsuch Park and took Cheam Road in Ewell village by accident, better route anyways.


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