Brand new trainers!…22 miles this week

New trainers Nike Pegasus +27'sBought some new trainers on Friday from Blacks. Nike Air Pegasus +27's. Was getting a bit concerned with my dual pair of Nike Air Max Internationals – on both of them, the right one seemed to be playing my foot up, mind you, I've had the things for 3+ years, so was probably wear or something, amazing the air bubbles have lasted really tbh. Chose the Pegasus' after reading that they "cater for the more neutral runner or even slightly under-pronating runner", but most importantly they were a cool green colour!

Trialed them in a 10km up the common and back, took it moderate pace this time, incredibly light shoe, thought the Air Max's were light, but these are even more so, also seem to fit my feet and running style better(so far) and was surprisingly faster than last time by about a minute.

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