New Trainers – Penultimate Run – 9miles over the common

New Balances 858sDespite the success of the Epsom run I seemed to have bruised my knee, that's why I've been resting the past week and a half, yes, yes I know the marathon's only on Sunday, but I haven't had much choice. Tried to go for a run other day and couldn't, seems to also be something to do with my trainers. Thought I need a new pair, so did the 'wet test' on my feet and seems my arch is fine and should be able to wear any trainer at all really, so bit confused. As I was driving through East Sheen the other day saw the shop Up & Running, so yday went there with John from the tennis club and ended up doing the Gait Analysis thing, whereby the video you running on a treadmill and pick a good pair of trainers for you, have to say the staff guy was excellent. Apparently my old trainers weren't great for my ankles and I ended up buying a pair of New Balance 858's – it was either them or a pair of Brooks, which also seemed good.

ANYWAYS, minor mistake on that. They are good trainers, I think for shorter runs, but they seem a little bit too big for me and cause me to run on my heel instead of my toes, which is my usual running style. I ran about 9 miles up to Tibbets corner as usual, to the Richmond Park corner and then back into the common by the rugby ground and back into Wimbledon and back home down Ridgeway Place and round Dundonald Park couple of times and home, BUT I WAS SHATTERED! it was mental. running on my heels/mid-foot style in the New Balances, which were also significantly heavier than the Nikes, must take a lot more energy and gave my calves a big workout, when I stopped, I realised there was NO WAY I'd be able to cover 26miles using those trainers as 9miles was hitting my limit! BUT WHAT TO DO??? the marathon is on Sunday, I've no option to run in my old trainers, least I should be able to complete the distance, perhaps I'll just take painkillers and walk  oh well.

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