Rainforest Trust give me a call

The Rainforest Trust gave me a quick call today and confirmed that I have a place in the London Marathon!! :)

I haven't officially said yes, as I've been contemplating putting it off until 2012 – you know what with the Olympics and everything. Also after Googling 'marathon in 3 months training' and reading that 'yes you could probably do it, but you probably won't be unable to walk for a month afterwards', I was somewhat concerned I'd need a few more weeks. Most regimes say you need 16-18 weeks instead of 12.

I sent an email to my running expert friend Nico who's run a couple of marathons now and will wait to see what he says…Nico replied asap, he's hoping to run a sub 3 hour this year and said he reckons I should be alright to finish it. thanks a lot Nico you've really helped me a lot on this one.

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