Ran first 10km for a long time and ran into a friend!

Despite not being (sure about) being accepted to run in the marathon yet, decided I had to get a bit fitter anyways and at least 'wake up my legs' so to speak, so went for a 10km run over the common. It's been a couple of months since my last run and probably a year since I ran a real 10k. Luckily as I'm blessed with supreme athleticism as well as good looks, I hoped I'd be able to cover the distance still. There was a light rain when I set out at about 3:30pm and wearing my finest track suit bottoms and green army cap I set out. By the time I got to the common it was getting rather dark. I happened to run past a couple holding hands and caught a sense of a glance from then, as it turned out, incredibly it was my friend Kathryn whom I hadn't seen in a while. I should point out it's more amazing she spotted me in that army hat than anything else, perhaps it was my distinctive running style of something. Anyways had a nice chat with her and caught up a bit…and after being inspired by that I finished the 10k in around about 50mins, which was surprising since it's been so long, even did a major sprint at the end.

When I got home, I had some food and with leg muscles starting to kick in, I immediately headed down David Lloyd (where I've conveniently signed up for their December £5 12 day membership) and happily made full use of their sauna, steam room and jacuzzi spa, to relieve my now 'woken up' legs! :P

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